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How do I find employment in the animal care industry?

Employment opportunities in the animal care industry are highly sought after. Some ways to find these opportunities are by way of advertisements on, veterinary employment agencies, the VNCA website, and classified sections on our parent company website Provet. We also advise students to take their resumes to practices and animal care facilities ensuring that care is taken with their presentation, they are well dressed and groomed. One of the best ways for your resume to stand out from the crowd is to have committed to animal related studies and volunteering in animal care facilities. This will show a desire and dedication to the welfare of animals.

What can I start doing now?

  1. Take the time to update your resume and it’s presentation – remember first impressions are everything!
  2. Ask a trusted family member or friend to play ‘interviewer’ and practice your interview techniques and answers – ask them for honest feedback
  3. Visit all your local veterinary surgeries or animal care businesses and introduce yourself! Leave a copy of your resume in a neat folder (loose paper can be lost) and use a cover letter to document why you want a job and whether you are prepared to work as a volunteer
  4. Drop in every 3 months to give a potential employer an updated version of your resume and contact details
  5. Find some volunteer work in the field you want to work in. Source Personal Accident Insurance for Volunteer/Work Experience Students – this means a company can happily have you as a volunteer without worrying about litigation if you are hurt or injured.
  6. Undertake a prevocational course.

Check out your study options!

Prevocational Courses

Prevocational courses are those intended for study prior to gaining employment. By studying such courses, prospective employers can see that you are a keen learner and therefore a valuable asset to a business.

AIRC recommends two prevocational courses

Pet Technician Course

In this non-accredited Pet Technician Certificate course you will gain a deep understanding of the handling and care of pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice and birds. The course does not require any practical or work placement components to be completed. It is not a nationally recognised qualification.

Certificate I in Animal Studies

ACM10117 Certificate I in Animal Studies is an ideal introduction to the animal care industry. This course is a nationally recognised qualification, allowing flexibility in learning and assessment and is proven to be an asset towards gaining employment within your chosen industry. This course does not require any work placement however, allows you to gain some practical skills through the use of pets for assessment. A number of the units within this qualification can be used towards higher level qualifications in the Animal Care and Management Training Package (ACM).

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