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What our students say about us

Why our students like us

"I enjoy the flexibility of studying online. There is also lots of help on offer via the telephone and email. The practical assessments are fun and allows for a hands on learning approach."

Brooke Davis, CIV VN

"That it challenges me to do more. Other training organizations have never made or encouraged me to try as much as I do!"

Melissa Jonkers, Diploma of Veterinary Nursing

"I love the learning material, the support from the AIRC team, the practical days and how Maree is amazing when she comes down to assess me in our clinic."

Paige Richards, CIV VN

"I enjoy the fact I can study online at times suitable to me, which allows me to work almost full time hours."

Jaimi Chivers, CIV VN

"It’s all off campus and I can study along at my own pace. The staff have been great whenever I have had to call and ask questions about anything I am unsure about."

Kara Billing, Diploma of Veterinary Nursing

"All information taught is applicable in the work place, which is important as it makes it relevant during everyday tasks and does not have to be learned out of context."

Antonia Kersting, CIV VN

"I love the flexibility of doing the course online but the course is full of knowledge. I had previously begun my study with another institute and have found AIRC worthwhile compared to others."

Rachel Wilson, CIV VN

Face to face assessments

"I liked that Jane was patient, put me at ease and prompted me to pull info from depths of my brain. Because it was my Cert IV upgrade it is stuff I do every day without thinking. I do like that you give an overview of what I will be assessed on few weeks prior."

Lisa Wraith, Diploma of Veterinary Nursing

"Very casual and relaxed. Was nice just to chat about what I do every day, and that was what I was being assessed on. Much better that sitting an exam!"

Leanne Webster, CIV VN

"I enjoy having my skills and ideas affirmed by someone who has been in the animal industry for a long time whom I respect. I enjoy being able to effectively convey my genuine passion and emotions surrounding my job that cannot be evaluated via written work. I enjoy being able to explain my thought processes and be challenged to a further point via discussion of real-life scenarios."

Kim Morris, CIV VN

"Workplace assessments can be scary but have always had positive experiences and my trainer Maree has always made me feel at ease. I also find I learn interesting things from Maree that aren't included in the text so I come out knowing more."

Cassie Love, CIV VN

Our team

"The amazing girls at Provet/AIRC are such a huge support. It’s been great building friendships with them and knowing they want nothing more than for you to reach your goal to graduate!!"

Rebecca Royds, CIV VN

"I enjoy studying with AIRC because the staff are extremely friendly and willing to help. Also it is great to be able to study on our own time and I can study in the comfort of my own home."

Rochelle Chester, CIV VN

"The staff are always helpful, friendly and more than happy to give advice when needed."

Vanessa Pollock, CIV VN

"I love the way we have trainers that come to our clinic and have training sessions held in our states. I find my trainer to be the most helpful if I am having any issues with my course."

Robyn Myers CIV VN

"The friendly staff offer such great service, they make studying easy and enjoyable. They are always happy to have a casual chat or give in-depth advice when needed."

Antonia Kersting, CIV VN

"The team at AIRC are supportive, helpful and professional. They provided an encouraging learning environment. I found the course materials were useful in building the foundations required to further my career path."

Clare Wheatley, Diploma of Veterinary Nursing