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Personalised and Professional Education and Training (RTO Code 31424)

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Our veterinary nurse courses feature great learning support, and materials from up-to-the-minute trainers.

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The AIRC Difference

AIRC Nurses are at the top of their profession with many of our graduated students holding senior level positions in the most advanced Veterinary facilities internationally and across Australia. Many of our students are also passionate about advancing the profession so donate their time on the many committees who oversee our industry progression. Our courses set up our graduates to feel fully prepared to launch their career. A large majority of our graduates return to do higher qualifications.


About AIRC

In November 1996 we established Crampton Consulting Group (CCG) and Australian Veterinary Nurse Resource Centre (AVNRC) to form a professional yet cost effective training company specifically tailored to staff training and veterinary nursing. Since then, our company has grown to become one of Australia's leading veterinary industry educators. With over 1250 students across Australia and Asia, and as a member of the Provet Group of Companies, AIRC and CCG are a one-stop shop for practice development and educational excellence.

We are listed on the database for Vocational Education and Training in Australia. TGA is the official National Register of information on Training Packages, Qualifications, Courses, Units of Competency and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). The Animal Industries Resource Centre is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and our National Provider Number is: 31424.

Our vision and purpose is to become an internationally respected veterinary and animal care training and educational company specialising in staff training in all aspects of veterinary nursing, animal care, practice management, and industry projects.

Student Support

Student support and helping our students achieve their absolute potential is the number one priority of the AIRC Training Team. Our student support coordinators are available to answer the many questions and queries regarding your studies either via phone, email or our Live Online Help (via our student website). You will never feel alone!!

Having trainers located around the country and internationally we are able to provide a community of support which taps you into the most comprehensive network of expertise.

Exceptional Trainers

We know the value of an exceptional team and we have created the best one to help you with your studies. We are proud to have Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses who have excelled in the veterinary profession and are committed to passing on their wealth of experience and knowledge.

Many of the Training Team fulfil the roles of assessors, tutors, workshop co-ordinators, career advisors, job counsellors and professional colleagues.

Our team are also active in the veterinary industry, working in-practice, volunteering for career progression or increasing their knowledge and completing further qualifications.


Industry Leader for Practical Skills

A Veterinary Nurse deals with many situations in one day, that’s normally why we all love our jobs as it provides such variance and challenge. A major component of the day is spent providing skilled supportive care for sick animals as well as monitoring, medicating and consulting with team members and pet owners. We believe that the practical demonstration and assessment of these skills is the number one reason our nurses stand out from the rest of the pack and are able to confidently work in high level Veterinary facilities.

We provide you with additional practical learning opportunities, such as our “Hands On” Smart Sessions, which compliment your in clinic experience. Best of all these additional learning opportunities are included in the cost of your studies!

Practical assessments ensure quality outcomes for you

Our trainers create either simulated environments where students can demonstrate their skills for assessment or we come to visit you in your workplace where you may feel more comfortable. This combined with other theoretical assessments sets our students up for success.

Our Training Team pride themselves on ensuring all of our graduates have an independent assessment by our trainers to test your knowledge and use of your practical skills. This is the AIRC difference !!



“We currently have 5 nurses studying with AIRC. It is a perfect way for nurses to balance their study, their job and their life. We have been using AIRC resources for over 10 years now. They are just a phone call away and invaluable with their assistance in every area of the practice from Management through to Veterinary Nursing Studies.”

Kellie Tickner